Present Confidence with Shoulder Support and Lumbar Support Fix Frozen Shoulder

lumbar support can do away with Chiropractic spinal adjustment

Posture is an important part of daily life. With correct posture we are can be perceived as confident, acceptable, active and overall, better. However, there are some pitfalls that we all seem to fall into at times which affect our posture. Shoulder support and lumbar support are two important aspects to better posture and frozen shoulder prevention and there are ways to help with those three areas that can make for a better life.

Different types of shoulder support and lumbar support

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Back braces

Back braces vary greatly. They can be basic braces which may not support the shoulders, or they may be full of various straps that support specific areas. Others are made with the intention of helping to build muscles and align the body first, through correction of posture. Some specific back braces will actually help to train your body to be in a more correct position which will help greatly with a frozen shoulder.

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shoulder brace will help with a frozen shoulder

Shoulder and lumbar braces – These braces are back braces which go a step further. They support the lumbar area and there are ones that have the combined shoulder support which allow for a variety of tension-based supports as well as the overall prevention of slouching, which is a major pitfall of poor posture and leads to frozen shoulder.

Shoulder support brace

Independent shoulder braces allow for the shoulders to be pulled a supportive position, to prevent shoulder slouching, which in turn presents confidence. It should provide stability and help retain correct positioning. Individual sling-style support may help for injury as recommended by a doctor, but may not be the right fit for long-term improvement of posture.

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Ergonomic chairs

Especially in today’s world when so many of us are in a cubicle or office throughout the day, we are forced to sit in chairs which do little to help keep us in correct posture. Since posture feeds into confidence, ergonomic chairs which have lumbar support, as well as the ability to adjust armrests is important. The arm rests lends to supporting the shoulders, but ergonomic chairs should also allow for the backrest angle to adjust. Further, depth of chair seat is important.

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In the car – With increased commutes, many people spend a lot of time driving. Lumbar support is an add-on that many choose, or a separate product that is able to be purchased. Further, for shoulder support, the steering wheel should be adjustable to keep a relaxed, tension-free steering position.

Sleeping – We spend on average almost a third of our life sleeping, making our bed and pillow extremely important. Our bed should lend support to our spine, and pillows should allow for tension release, support and be firm and stable.

In all, we often hear about correct spinal alignment, but we hear little about what can be done day-to-day to have correct posture. While chiropractic care can help us with posture and pain, on top of that we need to ensure that we’re placing our bodies in correct positioning day-to-day. With products that allow for lumbar and shoulder support, we are able to help keep our body into good position, which, in time, will lend to better posture and better life!

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